We have been informed that the dancing partners of Mr Kellett have paid us a visit. Apparently they have honoured us with comments relative to the structure of the website but not the content or the evidence we publish in our pages. Nothing unusual; we are used to persons whose deficiency in intellectual matters is reflected in all manner of irrelevant, to the issues they should be addressing, waffle. Recognising ostrich acts from arrogant agents / partners of the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything has been all too easy. In any event we thank Mr Kellett's dancing partners and we challenge them to apply any intellect they may have been gifted with, by 'their creator', to use it in order to address the issues covered in the pages: http://www.uk-human-rights.org/someplan.htm  &  http://www.uk-human-rights.org/confraud.htm  

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Freemason basher ?

Maurice Kellett the Free Mason..... expert (?) *Page created July 2007*

FAX to 'The Times' in respect of the free-for-all and arrogant FRAUD by persons who should know better because of the positions each held in Public Office and their Professional Services to Society / the taxpayers.
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Essential reading
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ISBN 0-586-05983-0

Readers, researchers and interested citizens can access and read an explicit passage from chapter 16. The extract we copied relates to a Freemason in high office who withdrew from the Brotherhood on the grounds that: 'No active Christian could in all conscious remain a Freemason'.  

The above with compliments to the likes of Mr Kellett, Mr James Todd of VOMIT repute; to the likes of Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins to Mr Joe Stirling and to many other alleged Freemason bashers. All convert-lovers of the system of operations, acting as Subliminal Indoctrination Agents of the system as is and for more of the same activities covered in the exclusive page. ALL failed to address the criminal activities they allegedly have been / are complaining about for years that we know of. [*Link to the arrangements in place, for REWARDING idiots who convert to lovers of the system, promoters & users of the facility for fraud aplenty on the taxpayers]   


Links to other pages where we state facts & publish exchanges with other lovers & users of the abused Court facilities. Read emails and refer to evidence we point to in & from the pages. Get to know of persons who fell in love with the arrangements in place for RAMPANT  Constructive FRAUD on Mr & Mrs Average, the taxpayers. All care of the abused facilities of the courts, endorsed & adopted by persons who fell in love with the 'New World Order Code of Ethics' as the person we dedicate this page to & his associates, affiliates

Important ELEMENTS in Mr. M. Kellet's foul & evil promotions relate to allegations about some of his associates in the use and promotion of the facilities they fell in love with, as covered in the exclusive page not one of his associates &  affiliates addressed. Mr. Kellet relishes in promoting his evil aspersions about Mr A. Yiannides & in doing so he comes up with  references to others who dare not come forward, simply because they do not wish to be faced with their parts in blunt FRAUD on the national budget, as covered in the exclusive page. The FAX below covers facts & realities which M. K. can never drown in waffle and more of his usual diatribe.
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And in 2001 evidence of concerns in respect of the activities of the recognised converts-to & users, promoters of the blunt constructive frauds imposed on the taxpayers, Mr. & Mrs Average through abuse of the courts facilities. And one and all simply keeping the taxpayers as uninformed as the media Barons & their reporters whom they retain & maintain to disseminate half truths as planned & organised by the creators of most of mans inhumanity to man for over 2000 years.
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Readers should access the evidence we point to in the page /2lipstalk from here and wake-up.

ORGANISED CRIME Family Break-ups pointed to below

Fax to convert-to & lover of the organised fraud on families through abuse of the courts facilities, Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins. The realities covered are dedicated to victims of the DIVORCE Industry, such as Mr Maurice Kellett, Mr Johan Michael Richard Foenander, Mr Geoffrey Harold Screen's, Mr. Bryan Hudson & Mr Colin Peters to name but a few silent convert lovers of the organised fraud through abuse of the courts facilities.
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>>>> READ  WHAT YOU PAY TAXES FOR   & WAKE UP undercon.gif (1065 bytes)

Page last revised:  June 20, 2012 : Read email exchanges from October 1999 & access the new material that commands address by the self-promoting, alleged Freemason basher Maurice Kellett. He made it his business to promote and work for the system as is with persons he has been affiliated / associating for over 8 years that we know of. Collectively acting as maintenance engineers, through his postings in the newsgroups; postings solely intended to suck in new victims of CIUKU Enterprises; targeted victims, whom his affiliates and associates thereafter use and initiate in the system of operations as one Saheed Hussein used and initiated Mr Johan Michael Richard Foenander; and thereafter J.M.R.F establishing, through his part in the fraudulent in intent application to the Royal Courts of Justice which a known 'user of suckers', settled FOR the new recruit to the 'fraudsters-club' (J.M.R.F) to lodge at court (with the blessings of another recruit, Mr Norman Scarth). An application in order to lead to 'the additional costs awards, attached to the inexcusable application, as we cover in our pages. FRAUDULENTLY CREATED FINANCIAL IMPOSITIONS ON THE TAXPAYERS, CARE OF THE ONGOING NEGOTIATIONS FOR SETTLEMENT through the ECoHR arrangements, in place by the criminals who have been in control for far too long.  

Ongoing site improvements through additional material and LINKS TO & FROM OTHER PAGES. Read below the facility in place, by the judiciary, as approved by the elected Executive who allegedly represent the interests of the electorate, the citizens, 'the serfs' in pseudodemocracies that are promoted to the ill-educated, the ill-informed and non-thinkers (non-humans) in allegedly civilised Democratic states: "The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail; as, for instance an action brought in respect of an act of State".... and, by extension, for any foul act by public servants, for all of whom the state, ultimately, is responsible, as employer. 

With our compliments to all stooges, charlatans, agent provocateurs and LOVERS OF IT ALL. To all FRAUDSTERS CLUB RECRUITS who operate as alleged legal gurus of their own or as groups of organised fraudsters. To all who are using new victims of the system : of the legal circles, of the courts and the police. Such was the case when Mr Johan M. R. Foenander was sent along / directed by the mentors, organisers and controllers of the mob operating as LIPS - the Litigants In Person Society. He contacted us, in order to indulge in the twin tongues 'snake vermin' activities that he engaged in. He acted so as a lover of the system of operations and as one who had been sold the DOUBLE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ON THE TAXPAYERS, through the courts imposed. The CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY he was the victim of, and a convert to, as he established from the onset, was most offensive and in line with the practices and activities of LIPS crowd/mob members and affiliates. The double talk he engaged in, when he telephoned another convert to and lover of the practices / operations through the courts, which he recorded, should suffice for grey matter users. Reference to the transcript* we publish [*linked to from here] should cause them to ACT, to inform all taxpayers they are in contact with, to CONTACT their Member of Parliament and RAISE THEIR OBJECTIONS to the arrogant PLUNDERING OF THE FAMILY SILVER, care of alleged servants of the public and Parliament's LAW, in the pseudo-democracy the media Barons and their Intellectual Prostitutes have turned the United Kingdom into, as they are now busy seeking to impose, pseudo-democratic governance also through the European Union on the citizens of the Continent. 

VISITORS ARE URGED to access and READ THE IMPORTANT update and ADDENDA we were obliged to introduce in January 2002. We had no choice but to REPORT THE CRIMES TO THE TREASURY. Our observations and knowledge of the constructive frauds, in which the LIPS introduction was engaging, made us accessories if we kept quiet, like the alleged victims who work towards the implementation of the schemes by the abductors and rapists of Justice, the Goddess. Some even arrange to end up in prison in order to set up Law Centre operations in prisons, as an abuser of trust did and when caught in an evil attempt to embarrass the founder of human-rights, he had the cheek to write a letter to his intended victim in order to promote the usual rubbish from an alleged victim(!)   -challenger(?). The letter was used to create a page and readers researchers can benefit from the inside world of such conniving fraudsters. [*Link from here to the page]. WE were not surprised when we received information (from one John Harper who never updated us on the issues he reported to us, years ago) about an inmate at a prison whose family were defrauded of substantial funds by a person operating, as a solicitor, out of solicitors offices [*Link to a similar scenario]. It was a victim(!) of the legal circles who had been wasting our time and securing support through many a crocodile tear (and plenty of theatrical productions in the courts) who provided the grounds for us to report the activities she was party to, to government [*Link from here to the explicit communications to : 1. The Treasury, 2. The Home Office, 3. The Prime Minister and the media & recognise why the official Press Releases about 12.3 Billion paid out in compensation the previous year]. Do access the page where we expose the abusive of our time fraudster who was more than just a conscious party to the ORGANISED FRAUDS, THROUGH THE COURTS, IMPLEMENTED CARE OF FALSE INSTRUMENTS BY THE SCORE. We are sure that you will share with us our concerns and most profound disappointment at and with persons who adopt and promote activities which they know are nothing but downright crimes against the taxpayers. The arrogant participation of judicial chair occupants, as visitors can read where the previous link takes one, was and remains the most offensive of crimes against humanity, the taxpayers. Visitors, readers and researchers must visit our exclusive page where we expose (as conscientious, law abiding citizens) the Confidentiality Between Fraudsters that exists care of the BEST OPEN SECRET. We emphasise:- * the simple fact that the scheme could not possibly be maintained without the readiness of maintenance engineers of the mentality of charlatans and fraudsters of the LIPS crowd/mob and their affiliate associates * who manage other fraudsters club recruits and sucker-victims who are drawn or directed to such 'beehives for organised crime' [*Link from here to a most important House of Lords ruling & deliberations relevant to the activities of the persons who set about abusing our time and the trust they were allowed to benefit from while evidence was collated about each and every one including the star of this page, Mr Maurice Kellett. Read below email with him in 1999 and work out why he changed colours like a chameleon after we set about exposing his affiliates for their parts in the arrogant constructive frauds on the taxpayers through abuse of the courts facilities, leading to the corruption of non-thinkers / morons]

Guidelines on Navigating through the extensive material: access instructions. For specific issues use the search facility  

  • Below  the explicit submissions born of the founder's commitment to his OBLIGATIONS to society at large as provided for under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. [*Link from here to a perfect example of a fraudsters' club recruit who even set-up his own proposition for an 'Article 6 Group', in respect of the shitizens (he was targeting) and THEIR RIGHTS under Article 6, while acting and intending to act in contempt of HIS & THE VICTIMS' OBLIGATIONS TO SOCIETY under the very Article's provisions]
  • Many the charlatans, stooges and fraudsters who abused our time; all USED CONTACT WITH US in order to bring pressure to bear on the offenders to offer, to them, or increase, THE REWARDS covered in the exclusive page that ALL SHOVED IN THE DARK CORNERS OF THEIR CORRUPTED MINDS. [*A perfect example of how the threat to publish it all in the public domain, were / are the scenarios attached to and arising out of the arrogant abuse of Mr. Andrew Yiannides' time by Mr Johan Michael Richard Foenander, a pseudo-Christian and regular attendee at his local Roman Catholic Church (*F2), even though of a Dutch Reform Church background, as he asserted, *Link-1 *Link-2 *Link-3 *Link-4 *Link-5 *Link-6 *Link-7 *Link-8 *Link-9 *Link-10 *Link-11 *Link-12 ]
  • All, naturally did so for obvious reasons. One need only read the content of the exclusive page and then consider the simple fact that EVERY ONE FAILED TO REPORT, TO THE TAXPAYERS, THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES they were the victims of, whereas ALL WERE NOTED TO HAVE CONVERTED to lovers of and users of the ARRANGEMENTS IN PLACE FOR RAMPANT FRAUD, ON THE TAXPAYERS THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES.
  • Such persons interestingly benefiting from promotion of their activities (by the media Barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes the Barons retain) for the ORGANISED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, that all know of. [*Link to the letter to 'The Times* above, and to   ]
  • Everything care of the inexcusable assertions that the promoters are not familiar with the activities and the arrangements in place, AS IF THE EXCLUSIVE PAGE WE HAVE BEEN POINTING THEM TO, FOR YEARS DOES NOT EXIST.
  • We refer to the page where we are SPELLING IT ALL OUT, with reference to the practices and the arrangements relied upon and put IN PLACE by alleged servants of the public and the law.
  • It is as if the facts and the realities we point to are published in invisible ink thereby 'all fraudsters with average education and possession of the faculty of sight', are deprived access to the activities covered in the page.
  • On the other hand it may well be argued, by such fraudsters, that as the material is not available in Braille, for the blind (physical impairment & or simply mental blockage as the case has been with ALL of the fraudsters we name and point to in our pages) they have been are unable to access and acquaint themselves with the STATED FACTS & THE APPLICABLE LAW).
  • Should one set alight the house of the deaf, who hear not, in order to cause the deaf to NOTE THE DANGER THEIR HOUSEHOLD IS THREATENED WITH? Conversely, should the house (nation / country) be ruined, burned to ashes / be subjugated to impossible debts, as organised by the criminals behind it all? [*Link from here to the plans and the goals of the criminals who concocted it all up centuries / millennia ago. *Link from here to the words of the one accepted as a Prophet by followers and promoters of the third ploy and trap introduced, by the evil ones behind it all, for the indoctrination and conditioning of the sons of men (humans) of planet earth].

The 5 images below are of the original draft and print of succinct email exchanges with Mr Maurice Kellett. We publish it all in HTML text format, also, further down this page - for links to and from the content of the exchanges; therein our challenges to the alleged expert on matters legal, and his alleged expertise on the parts of individuals who operate in the courts, all of whom he has branded Freemasons! He never produced any evidence in support of his opinions, it should be noted. NOR DID HE EVER PRODUCE,  TO US, OR PUBLISH IN THE WEBSITES HE MAINTAINS, ANY SUBMISSIONS OR CHALLENGES / REPORTS FROM HIM TO THE UNITED GRAND LODGE OF ENGLAND ON ANY OF THE MATTERS HE HAS BEEN BLOWING HIS TRUMPET ABOUT FOR YEARS. It goes without saying that he never made any DEMANDS of the U.G.L to state the Brotherhood's position and policy on the issues he has been complaining about. Nor did he ever produce any evidence that he used any of the material from the work of the late Stephen Knight, 'The Brotherhood', parts of which he copied at one of the websites he created, that we got to know of, in submissions to the United Grand Lodge. His failings spoke louder than any of the waffle and the hot air he has been blowing for years, as an alleged victim of the abused court facilities who CONVENIENTLY SHOVED THE REVELATIONS & CHALLENGES WE PUBLISH IN OUR EXCLUSIVE PAGE, WHICH PAGE HE SHOVED IN THE SAND ALONGSIDE HIS HEAD IN TYPICAL OSTRICH FASHION. (*F5)

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*Link from here to the text of the exchanges in HTML format for links to and from the explicit content exposing the dreamer & fraud of an alleged authority.

*Link [from here] to the text of the above exchanges, with Mr Kellett, in HTML format for links to and from the content.  

Below material relative to the developments of the STRUGGLE FOR CHANGE IN ENGLAND between 1381 and 1914. We quote from page 17 in the INTRODUCTION: -
    "All these are people who saw to it as imperative to come to the defence of the people, and who recognised that, though they could do little on their own to bring about the necessary changes, nevertheless for them, as for Byron,
           Words are things, and a small drop of ink
           Falling like dew upon a thought produces
           That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.

    The year 1381 seemed a natural starting-point for this book, not only because of the first great popular uprising driven by rational collective will towards equality, freedom and common wealth, but because (being this) it points forward towards the socialist revolutionary movements which have defined the social changes of the last two hundred years.
    Of course the pattern of English life in the Middle Ages has to be seen in terms of hierarchic orders of the feudal system under which the common people lives as slaves, the chattels of of their masters. Though people had begun to question the authority of the Catholic Church, it was still a major factor for them in a world constantly threatened with war, famine, disease and periodic disorder. But at the same time the kings and their advisers were pursuing secular policies in keeping with their own arrogant autocratic view of the state and its subjects.
    In the late fourteenth century agriculture was the basis of England's economy, and wool the chief export; and with the organisation of the cloth trade, and the expansion of wool which brought into being large scale increases in enclosures, these years were to become the breeding-ground of English capitalism. It might even be said that the ruinous Hundred Years' War, which started in the mid-century as a squabble for plunder and dynastic influence, was also an attempt to keep the markets open. But whatever the advantages of these developments in the agrarian economy, they brought widespread distress and disorder to the lives of the common people, already unsettled by the decimation of the Black Death, and burdened with the taxes of state and Church. It was in this context of growing unrest (recorded in the statutes) that the uprising of 1381 occurred, incited by such travelling preaches as John Ball, who agitated against the negligence of the Church with calls for the establishment of a Christian democracy which defines an early form of socialist ideas.
    It is clear that the people were in a mood seething resentment, not only against the paying of tithes to the greedy extortioners of the Church, whose income was said to be 'five times more than is paid to the king from the whole produce of the realm', but also against the state taxes. And quite suddenly, though with promptitude and unity that suggests careful preparation, the people refused to pay, and the revolt began.
    For this was much more than a dispute about money. Its millenarian aims were a fundamental challenge to the whole social structure and its long-established ideology of enslavement; for they asserted the right of all men to freedom and equality. Not only that; men are prepared to die for them. And so, although this revolt against thraldom seems to have been almost immediately denied, to the become little more than a pre-condition for new kinds of enslavement - the enslavement of the wage-earner selling his labour - it represents an indispensable step forward in the contradictory struggle for progress.
    This early record of the radicalism and heresy of the common people remains incomplete because, as I have already suggested, few could read or write. They talked, discussed and argued unrecorded. And it was no doubt as a result of the oral transmission of the ideas that revolts occurred such as those of 1413-14 in Buckinghamshire, 1414 in Essex and 1414 in London. John Ball's arguments that 'we are all sons of Adam, born free, is rooted in the scriptures; and the struggles of the people against their masters have to be registered in the context of the religious disputes of the age. The radicalism of the fifteenth century, that is, would continue to have been nourished through the Lollard followers of Wycliffe by the Christian vision of justice. Religion and politics acted upon each other. It was through the teachings of Christ that men sought to change society, very often against the official priests and bishops in their wealth and pride, and the coercive powers of the Church itself.
    Things may not have changed by 1450 at the bitter end of the Hundred Years' War; but with the country almost bankrupt and the Wars of the Roses about to start secular issues must have been paramount. BY 1516, when More wrote Utopia, the more purely class nature of the rulers had become apparent, together with the economic exploitation (again through the enclosures) of the landless peasantry, of whom More writes with such passionate feelings as the cheated producers of wealth. This was now an age of monarchical absolutism., which by 1549 (year of the Norfolk Revolt, another peasant's uprising) gone part of the way towards refreshing the vast wealth of the feudal Church to the Crown. But the fundamental issues of taxes and tithes, and the great enclosures for sheep, remained a crushing burden under which the people were to continue to react in scattered revolt against their rulers.
    The rising capitalist class that had been testing its strength and accumulated its own wealth during the Elizabethan age was of course to become the main revolutionary force in the seventeenth century, led by Cromwell and the Grandees and Parliament against the feudal power of the monarch. And this class was to make sure that the instrument it had created for its conquest of power, the New Model Army, would function in its own interests, the interest of these new men of property, rather than in the interests of the theoretical freedoms proclaimed for the Commonwealth.
    Nevertheless, any understanding of the driving forces behind revolutionary theory and practice in seventeenth-century England has to take account of the heretical Christian doctrines upon which so many of its greatest radicals made their challenge and sought to transform their world. If England was 'to be first restorer of buried truth', as Milton and the revolutionary leaders believed, the struggle for that truth and for a just society, with the 'foundation firmly laid of a free commonwealth', was considered inseparable from the great issues of the Christian debate. Though it is of course true that the underlying thrust of seventeenth-century civil strife turned upon economics, the self-interest of the middle class, the ambitions of the army generals and the defence of property, this debate was part of the ferment of ideas that was ongoing on everywhere, among the labourers, the villagers, the artisans, men and women, the common soldiers, encouraged by the upheavals of the time, the danger, confusion and excitement of war. For the whole country was aroused, and it really must have felt as if the world had turned upside down. Radical sects sprang up almost overnight - Quakers, Ranters, Seekers, Fifth Monarchists, Baptists, accompanied by a flood of pamphlets, questioning and probing all accepted tenets, cutting across the lines of religion and politics. And the army was restlessly on the move, formulating its Leveller principles, appointing its agitators, urged into debate and revolt by men like Lilburne, Overton and Walwyn. But perhaps the most radical ideas and actions of all came from the Diggers. For though the Diggers had hardly any influence and quickly disappeared, their conception of the Commonwealth, as systematically defined in the writings of Winstanley and embodied in the actions of the colonies, rejected the whole basis of a capitalist economy, 'the power of enclosing land and owning property', and urged universal equality. 'If the waste land of England were manured by her children,' Winstanley believed, 'it would become in a few years the richest, the strongest and most flourishing land in the world.'
    But this was not, and could not have been, the way things turned out. The men of property were in control, the land was 'other men's rights' and, as Winstanley could see, this had been organised to ensure the triumph of those who would once again make England a prison and its laws the 'bolts and bars and doors of the prison' to deprive the poor of their rights.  
[*Link from here to the page where we credit those who set out to make thinkers of the deprived]

Consider the concluding words, above, from the text we reproduce from the introduction pages of the work of Christopher Hampton; then access, from here, the explicit arrangements in place EXPOSING THE FACILITY CREATED BY ABUSERS OF JUDICIAL CHAIR OCCUPATION. The facility we point to, apparently with the approval of successive governments, the EXECUTIVE, THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ELECTORATE - the taxpayers- WHO ARE KEPT IN THE DARK WHILE TAXES ARE IMPOSED ON THEM FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF ACTORS IN PUBLIC OFFICE. 

radreadc.jpg (336425 bytes)
Above image of the front cover from the work of Christopher Hampton, 'A Radical Reader', published in 1984. On the right image of text from the pages 194 -196 & on the far right image from pages 202-203.

combiwf.jpg (363859 bytes)
Click on image, enlarge & read for an awakening

combiw2.jpg (261828 bytes)
Above, realities to cause persons who access the exclusive page where we cover the facilities for the corruption of the conditioned to enquire of Mr. Maurice Kellett why he changed his coat?

On the left two extracts from an important work which we doubt if the wily Maurice Kellett & his dancing partners ever concerned themselves with. We doubt if the events, as compiled by Mr. Christopher Hampton would interest them. We have no doubt that Mr Kellett's dancing partners are likely to come up with alleged contributions, from 'The Brotherhood', in the historical developments. Anything is possible from SECRETIVE ORGANISATIONS that engage in blunt misrepresentations to the naive, to the ill informed and to the ill-educated 'serfs', especially when the subjugated and oppressed are looking for an answer to the problems they face. And as with the cash under the table rewards which Mr Kellett was ready for, after the abused court facilities 'swallowed the properties he has been writing about for years, he was more than happy to sign up as a promoter of the powers that be. After all, with the others he joined forces, on signing up, they got busy using the facilities CORRUPTING OTHER CONDITIONED VICTIMS by 'phishing' them through the type of postings he excels at. Coercing new victims to endorse and go for the cash rewards under the table, keeping it all in the family closet, goes without saying. Assaulting objectors is but second nature to persons who discard morals and ethics.

Andrew Yiannides 12 April 2005 18 : 02 : 22* (posted 15 hours later)
Maurice Kellett <mauricekellett@onetel.com>
Re: Seek & Check, before you accept or promote RUBBISH 
Andrew Yiannides <webmaster@human-rights.demon.co.uk>
12 April 2005    02:57:31*
(as printed for corrections and corrected draft before posting)

Thank you for the response.
I can see why you have no time to deal with any of the issues I raised in the posting you responded to.
I can also recognise the patterns of the events you covered in your response. You will have received my shorter and very clear response to your simple question of 'What are you up to?' (to me the question from you).
Maurice I SPENT OVER 12 YEARS looking at the activities of charlatans and fraudsters, ALL TOO EAGER TO USE & KEEP THE SYSTEM GOING. Not one of them dared apply their alleged knowledge of law to the page that ALL have been ignoring for years. Norman, Paul Talbot-Jenkins AND YOU as of late September 1997, Geoffrey Harold Scriven as of March 1999 and Johan Michael Foenander as of October 1999.
I did ask that you should read the two explicit letters published at human-rights in connection with the capabilities of the fraudster Johan Michael Foenander who went on a special mission to Australia while ACTING for a number of others, which trip everyone grossly misrepresented to every other. I HAD in the meantime taken steps to expose the sham he was misrepresenting (with the other participants in the arrangements) and in the circumstances I point you to: -

  1. The content of his letter (almost three pages long) to Geoffrey Harold Scriven. MONEY LAUNDERING (products of criminal activities) THROUGH THE COURTS. [*Link from here to the text of the letter for links to and from] Come and excuse him and the others who were represented by him FOR THE SPECIAL MISSION to Australia.
  2. The content of the letter from his solicitors (Antons) before he contacted me in 1999. VERY CLEAR the rebuttal, 'Our client does not need your offer, the state and THE TAXPAYERS WILL MAKE GOOD THE DAMAGES we all caused to 'the lover of the system as is'. [*Link from here  to the solicitor's letter evincing it all]

Do come in and justify that fraudster's part in the CONSCIOUS DOUBLE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS on the taxpayers by those who are in control of the courts and the legal system AND carry on concentrating on the powers abused……. Simply by Free Masons, while you were and are ignoring the simplest issue 'ABUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE' while you have VERY CONVENIENTLY been ignoring the elements and provisions for proper democratic governance as covered in the short statements under the paragraphs 12, 13, 14, 15 at:

We both know that the page, FOR LOVERS OF THE SYSTEM AS IS, happens to be taboo and the issues are irrelevant to you because you did not suffer from such frauds and you neither sought benefits either….. irrespective of the application after application like Norman was involved and engaging in, INCLUSIVE OF THE ARRANGEMENTS (to end in custody) FOR THE CREATION OF LAW CENTRES.

In message <003701c53c15$fa15f550$77614ed5@KELLETT>, Maurice Kellett <mauricekellett@onetel.com> writes
> Andrew I don't have time to reply in full to you. I don't see the need to do that now anyway.
> Brother William Kellett, former leader of Durham City Council, is a Freemason,
And that is WHY you trusted him to be in control of your affairs?????
though he denies this and it was he who made sure that I did not even have a bed to lie on
when my house was stolen by Northumbria Police Mafia and Co. My other brother used my
> situation to help himself to my possessions and I am told that he has started to sell some
> of them.

Which is where MY statement about your failures to accept the offer to transfer some of your important papers and equipment to the person who offered assistance and refuge SHOULD the worst come about. ANYTHING wrong in making a VERY LOGICAL question when you bear in mind that you had already told me umpteen times about your brother's NEGATIVE & CONTRA attitude to what you had been up to?

He says that if I put him into court on this matter I will likely get similar treatment as I have in
> the past from them. (*F4)

Nothing wrong in that, for you know that you DID your best to create such enemies. Instead of collating evidence about named public servants who DID misconduct in public office AND pointing to the stated facts & the law as you were asked umpteen times by me BEFORE you even considered using names etc., you were going on and on about the set-up that specialises in secret arrangements, SUCH AS THE ONES YOU HAVE BEEN FAILING TO ADDRESS FOR YEARS, Maurice. Can YOU claim to be any different to them?

They are my brothers by birth only not in deed.

Deeds Maurice are looked at from different angles BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE and your deeds were being looked at by me FROM THE ANGLES I CHOSE and not just the angles that I was better equipped than you, to address. I refer you yet again to the words of Jesus Christ to his disciples which you should have considered when I MADE THE OFFER TO YOU and to Paul Talbot-Jenkins to co-operate for the common cause. To expose the arrangements BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, in the DARK, etc.

BOTH OF YOU ignored the offer. You carried on in your own chosen mine-field and he just stood by his submissions to the Synod of the Church of England while aware of the fact that about 75% of CoE priests, etc., are Free Masons.

I hope that you have bothered to look up the EXPLICIT FAX that contains the challenges to the Editor of the London Evening Standard. The God of the Old Testament came down to create His Own church because His Son (Jesus Christ, the son of a woman) and His disciples made a mess of things. The issues and the elements that I point to in respect of the Roman Catholic Church and the parts of Archbishop Stepicnac ARE VERY CLEARLY RECORDED. [*Link from here to the FAX]. Historical facts covered in my submissions to an Intellectual Prostitute (as John Swainton referred to reporters in his retirement speech).

The above stated facts and CONFESSION / ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from, an insider, should cause you to reflect on the issue of the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT by two legally trained politicians as regards the issue of FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM. You should now reflect on your approach TO KNOWLEDGE OF THE EXISTENCE OF THE EXPLICIT LETTER…… and instead of wishing to cash in and be guided by the idiot who secured the acknowledgement you have even done your best to obstruct the promotion of the simply stated declaration in OUR AIMS. I do not need to point to the activities of the fraudsters that you know of, WHOSE ONLY INTERESTS WERE and remain TO CASH IN AND USE THE ARRANGEMENTS IN PLACE for more of the same by using victims of the legal circles in the same way as the Hussein chap initiated Johan Michael Foenander, as Norman discovered on his own and as you were busy engaging in, WHILE OBSTRUCTING my work but using it for your own purposes ONLY.(*F3)

Maurice, as I clarified in one of my postings, a multifaceted jewel reflects different colours of the iris when viewed from different angles IN AN OPEN SPACE. You never accepted the need to move out of the dark room you locked yourself in, as a self-centred individual who was / is concerned about WHAT ABUSERS OF PUBLIC OFFICE DID, whom you have labelled in your own way as the entire organisation that I NEEDED no one to brief me about having discovered much in my pre-teen years while I was researching the Old and New Testaments and OTHER religions too.

> When my house was under the police siege there were two attempts by Northumbria Police
> Special Squad Officers to murder me.

Maurice, without stating what preceded the following arrangements by the police, I suggest that you consider the following scenario. They arranged for the gestation vessel (mother of the children I was instrumental in bringing into this world) to assault me and to call them. They used birthmarks on her cheeks for alleged bruises in order to arrest and charge me. THEY TRIED to make a Steve Biko case out of me. THEY FAILED because I was no game and HAD recognised the script and scenario the gestation vessel was party to. Have you ever seen anything about it published by me, anywhere? (*F1)

Have you seen anything from a self-centred Andrew being pumped day in day out anywhere? Have I made a song and dance routine ABOUT IT as I have over the issue of THE DOUBLE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ON THE TAXPAYERS that I have been pointing to and OBJECTING TO while you gave every impression that you just LOVE IT ALL, like the FRAUDSTERS I have been pointing to AND EXPOSING? [*Link from here to the exclusive revelations]

While you ponder on the above, HOW ABOUT your part in promoting Johan (who also represented you in and for the explicit and special trip to Australia) when in fact you had been made aware that his first task upon return to the UK was to attempt to entice Roz Kellett into the world of the fraudsters club recruits WHILE PROMOTING Norman Scarth as an alleged Barrister. We both know which other shyster fraudster jumped in at the time, what Norman's reaction was when he realised that Roz was no fool AND BETTER STILL how Norman, later, used Roz for his evil plans for my work and the attempts to abuse the copy of the letter he secured, from me, under false pretences.

It makes no difference to me whether Roz benefited from financial rewards undeclared / under the table WHEN she removed her web-sites (human-rights Community and elsewhere for back-up [*Link from here  to the very issue as raised with Norman Scarth] BECAUSE she did send out emails about the load of paper work she had to deal with AS A RESULT OF Norman's activities in prison. 

> One attempt was by shooting, I came very close to that fate.
> The other was by two of their officers (establishment hit men)
> by trying to impale me on a sword that had decorated my home.
> I was under arrest for about a week after that in hospital.
> Brother William then deceived me into signing Power of Attorney over to him
> for the period that I was in hospital under arrest.
> He carried on that period of power after I left hospital which is of course
> what he and his Masonic brothers had almost certainly planned anyway.
> A month after the murder attempts on me my home and possessions were stolen,
> I suffered a heart attack and spent some time in hospital recovering.
> The establishment criminals have given me more motivation than ever for me to keep
> exposing the fact (with proof)
It remains to be seen what and HOW you are going to achieve your set goals while failing to attend to the very important issues that I AM POINTING YOU TO, which you have been ignoring or ACTING IN CONTEMPT OF, precisely as those you have been accusing for years.
> that they are nothing less than organised criminals right from the top.
Do access any page at human-rights and read the TOP LINE in all pages. So what's new, under the sun, WHILE YOU HAVE BEEN IGNORING the elements you were and are pointed to INCLUDING THE WORDS of Jesus Christ, nearly 2000 years ago?
They in turn keep keep hitting me back probably hoping that I will back down from doing that.
Any decent strategist will tell you that the best way to win any battle is to STUDY your enemy, to KNOW of the methods and strengths. WITH the best avenue in place, the acknowledgement that FRAUDULENT USE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES / LEGAL SYSTEM GOES ON and the undertaking to deal with the issues when in government (from the opposition the acknowledgement and undertaking) WHAT DID YOU DO apart from hurl insults instead of USING the ammunition and avenue as I had been ADVOCATING?
Do read the letter and submissions to Frank Field MP (ex Minister) in the page /office.htm AND consider the immediate results. WHILE the criminals, who seek to impose the dictatorship through the courts (perverse court rulings and judgements) you are running around fluttering your plum and feathers as a peacock AND YOU ARE PROMOTING an identified, recognised and known fraudsters club recruit Johan Michael Foenander who acted FOR you for the special mission to Australia. Am I supposed to ignore such realities and facts that no one can misrepresent to me ESPECIALLY persons who indicated and established their preferences and LOVE FOR THE ARRANGEMENTS IN PLACE 'for more of the same DOUBLE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ON THE TAXPAYERS?
I am under death threat
There have been THREE attempts on my life, if you must know but I have never made a song and dance routine about it. What I am making sure, however is that everybody knows and is to BE AWARE of fraudsters club recruits and maintenance engineers who claim to know of law but they cannot, pardon, I meant THEY WILL NOT ADDRESS THE OBVIOUS for very obvious reasons....... as CORRUPTED FRAUDSTERS who love the system as is and the arrangements put in place by those who seek total control of the serfs and the shitizens you did not and do not give a darn about..... you are too busy in the dark room you locked yourself in. That is the most disturbing element in your situation and the part you have taken on, as a subliminal indoctrination operative. SADLY that is how I see you in the jigsaw puzzle of the alleged British Democratic way and the corrupted legal and court services.
which I think is supposed to make me afraid. It does the opposite to that.
> This site, (and there are other such similar sites) is in the course of construction and has
> started to expose the hypocrites who rule this country. One of them is Queen Elisabeth II
> Patron Head of UK Freemasonry. Mr (Bomber) Tony Blair is also a Freemason. The guy who
> supplied that information went missing late July last year. Andy MacCardle another fighter
> against the corrupt UK rule was murdered on Boxing Day last at Carstairs State Hospital
> (Prison). I and a colleague photographed his body shortly before his burial. One of the
> photographs is now posted on the SACL website. His jaw had been broken and his lips
> had been glued together. Their attempts to hide this failed. I am under no illusions now of
> what these ruling hypocrites are capable of doing but I am not deterred by this.
> They may yet kill me Andrew, but not before I have left my mark on them which hopefully
> will grow with time after I am gone. The reason that the UK establishment is ruled by
> Freemasonry is mainly because the Patron Head is the Monarch. The New Year's Honours
> lists often contain an unhealthy number masons. With such Royal honours, or the potential
> of receiving them, what MP would raise any question about why Elisabeth II is now the richest
> woman in the world, a non tax payer and is an integral partner in the Judicial Oath fraud which
> of massive proportions.
> The Judicial Oath means absolutely nothing to judges and magistrates as is all a part of the
> smoke screen put up to try to assure the unsuspecting masses of this country.

>---Original Message ---- From: "Andrew Yiannides " <andrew@human-rights.demon.co.uk>
> To:           "Maurice Kellett" <mauricekellett@onetel.com>
> Sent:         Friday, April 08,  2005  4:18 AM
> Subject:    Seek & check, before you accept or promote RUBBISH
>> Maurice
>> Just as you did, I also ensure that these exchanges remain, for the time being, BETWEEN US.
>> If you wish to respond to my earlier posting ONLY TO ME, just respond to a posting for the group stating you are responding in a
>> private email, so that the others will be aware that you are going to deal with the issues
>> privately. You are, of course, at liberty to respond to EVERYTHING and NOT selectively, by ignoring ANY issues JUST like the
>> judiciary do when they indulge in ARROGANT PERVERSION OF JUSTICE.
>> (NOTE: The last element above, the mentality and attitude from fraudsters and shysters is NO LONGER TOLERATED BY ME. I
>> used to be patient with 'alleged' victims and 'alleged gurus' because of the states  they were / are in, because of THE STATE
>> very clear in its messages. You too have been ignoring THE FACTS STATED in the page for far too long, just as has been your
>> convenient contempt of the constructive frauds as an allegedly observant person who noted much BUT HAS ELECTED TO
>> switch off everything:-
>> 1. SIGHT : you can't  see the clearly stated facts covering stooges (blackmailed lovers of silver).
>> 2. INTELLECT : can't understand the facts and the realities pointed to (neither the condition NOR the acceptance of it FOR
>> PERSONS who choose to ignore the double fraud on the taxpayers BECAUSE THE SILVER is more important to stooges WHO
>> JOIN THE CLUB, as you know). 
>> 3. PARALYSED : No use of hands to type any response (hence the contempt for all emails received by those WHO ENDORSE
>> the conditions for LOVE OF SILVER).
>> 4. DUMB : Loss of speech, hence impossible to telephone and repute, denounce, or acknowledge the state BUT NOT WISHING
>> TO CHALLENGE IT because of love of silver under the table while running around actively engage in spreading the cancerous 
>> growth industry which such illustrious / industrious and lousy actors JOINED.
>> THE CAPABILITIES and services offered to the system's organisers ARE VERY CLEAR when you read of the evil attempts that
>> Nistam engaged in, while of opinion that the fisherman collecting sprats for deep water fishing expeditions was just a moron of HIS
>> (Nistam's) aptitude. That idiot was even trying to sell to me 'Apocalypse'. Another sold soul attempted to promote the Apocalypse
>> scenario some years ago. Just access the page:
>> http://www.uk-human-rights.org/protocol.htm  
>> & WAKE UP.
>> You are, of course, at liberty to ignore everything, yet again, and come back with the more of the same; the elements you have
>> been promoting for years WHILE ACTING IN CONTEMPT OF THE ACTIVITIES & THE LAW you were pointed to as of when you
>> received, by fax, the copy of the explicit affidavit that was used in the case pointed to in the URL below.
human-rights organisation
Protecting and promoting Human Rights World Wide
Go to: http://www.members.human-rights.org and JOIN
the Community on Line - Help Rescue 'Justice & Democracy'
To find out HOW & WHY the Bill of Rights was rashly announced, in 1997, by the Lord Chancellor in the United Kingdom , go to:
The media are part of THE CREEPING DICTATORSHIP in pseudo-democracies.

Above, email exchanges, in April 2005, with Mr. Maurice Kellett the self-promoting & self-assured Freemason basher

Below, email exchanges with the same person, in 1999, but not the same Maurice Kellett. It is for the visitor, reader and researcher to work out what brought about changes in the approach of the self-assured alleged Freemason basher AFTER accessing the material, to which the same person, was pointed two years after the email exchanges we release below. It is also essential to note that Mr Maurice Kellett, a non-thinker, did fail the first test he was put to, after he approved the human-rights.org Community on Line, declaration:- 'OUR AIMS', and joined the Community. However, he adamantly refused and failed to incorporate / introduce bookmarks / anchor points to the extracts he copied from the work of the late Stephen Knight, 'The Brotherhood'.  As a recognised subliminal indoctrination operative and as a self-centred promoter of 'the powers that be' he failed also the second test he was put to. He simply failed to consider the evidence he was pointed to, connecting the Freemasons, 'The Brotherhood' to the most obvious of 'old established promotions by the creators of most, if not all, evil-mongering and man's inhumanity to man, for at least 2300 years that Andrew got to recognise as of his pre-teen years; Mr Kellett simply shoved his head in the sand in a typical ostrich act, as if the evidence was likely to ever disappear, like his long disappearances from the scene for long stays overseas. No prizes for guessing where the funding came from, for such amenities. (*F5) 

Andrew Yiannides

Date:             Fri, 29 Oct 1999 23:13:26 +0100
To:                 Maurice <justice@jiwalu.demon.co.uk>
From:            Andrew Yiannides <andrew@human-riqhts.demon.co,uk>
Subject:        Re: 'Sunday Sun' Newspaper

In message <ugMl$MAgKKG4EwP8@jiwalu.demon.co.uk>, Maurice
<justice@jiwalu.demon.co.uk> writes

mkex1999.jpg (294298 bytes)
> Andrew, I was telephoned by a reporter from the Sunday Sun
> Newspaper yesterday. I spent this afternoon with him. He is
> coming back at 10am to-morrow. I don’t know where it will
> lead to, but I am hopeful that it will be of benefit to us.
> He did tell me that they had seen my postings on News Groups
> and on my web site. Things are beginning to move as I have
> just received a number of e-mails which support what I have
> recently published
> God Bless you Andrew,
> Will catch you later on.

    Visitors should access, from here, the extract from the teachings followed by 'The Brotherhood'. Mr Kellett had been  pointed to the evidence years ago, long before pointing to the connection with the misrepresented creation of evil entities.
    Release, in June 2008, of the email submissions from, and the exchanges with the dreamer, convert-to and maintenance engineer of the system, (back in 1999) on the left and below was called for because of his persistent foul / evil promotions.
    His failures to address the realities he was being pointed to for years, and his work with and for recognised / known, other *fraudsters club recruits* commanded action. We had been hoping but doubting the dreamer's ability to align his thoughts with the realities he elected to ignore as if concocted like his imaginings, hence the release of the House of Lords ruling and precedent case dating back to 1939-40 linked to from here.

Maurice, Thanks for the information.

Do contact me if necessary; draw attention to the information (legal arguments/facts) covered at human-rights. As in the "Downing Street Years" at <http://www.human-rights.demon.co.uk/downingstreet.htm> And more to the point in the pages - covering how the parasitic vultures use and impose divorce as in the /file <…./corruptcourts.htm>. The pages should just about cover the use of and the threat of legal costs etc., through which to drive any woman to the divorce they always instigate by bending the rules in any court action ultimately to lead to their goals which you know and have been the victim of.

Feel free to draw attention to the realities and the h-r pages; if the paper wishes to contact human—rights with a view to additional information in respect of the abuses of the legal system inform them that the letter from the Rt. Hon. Paul Boateng does exist and that he did very clearly ACKNOWLEDGE "FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM...." not in the services. That was in July 1995 and I was assured then that New Labour was to act on the very issues I have been researching since 1972, because blatant FORGERIES were manufactured and used in High Court proceedings by the legal boffins. The Forgeries were used ALL THE WAY TO THE COURT OF APPEAL; and all, from within the courts, ignored the criminal law and DID refer to, use and endorse the CRIMINAL activities of the legal boffins as "the licensed to act outside the law criminals"; the solicitors and the barristers so licensed by the judiciary WHILE THE POLICE were playing fiddle as spectators of and to the CRIMES. ACCESSORIES they were throughout, and for over FOUR YEARS. The police at the base of the triangle which I named then as the "Legal / Judicial / Police / TRIAD" directing and developing THEIR choice of society as architects and builders of same, without recognising what was behind it all, safe the ancient ‘divide and rule principle’ that dates back to the days of the Persian Empire. It was Alexander the Great who followed in his father’s footsteps (the philosopher Aristotle was his tutor) he united the Greek kingdoms of his time and thereafter put an end to the advancing Persian war machine and empire of destruction.

And the master builders of the corrupt society they impose on us dare refer to others as ‘agnostics’. As you know the bible and the prophets wrote about it all thousands of years ago; included in their writings the existence of AIDS which is covered in St Paul’s First letter to the Romans. And in the Koran reference to the second coming of Christ (Christianity and HIS teachings reborn) . Yet the divide and rule brigade are using religion and racism through which to create and generate wars and destruction from which they benefit as financiers of it all, thereafter to profit too from the rebuilding of that which they first destroy. FAMILIES they could and can never rebuild, however, and respect for FAMILY LIFE covered by the ECoHR.

God Bless and be with you.



Page 1

A MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: Thinkers, users of grey matter SHOULD ENQUIRE OF Mr Maurice Kellett and his dancing partners (Freemasons) IF HE or his dancing partners RECOGNISED WHY THE USE OF THE WORD 'architects' IN BOLD TYPE in the context of the email response he received from Mr Andrew Yiannides, way back on 29th October 1999. Of such the extension to the material created about recognised promoters of the powers that be; about persons who fell in love with the facilities used for rampant fraud created and imposed through the courts and blunt corruption of morons who fail to recognise that the national debt created through such activities HAS TO BE MET BY THE GENERATIONS THAT FOLLOW, as was the case of the loan from the USA at the end of the 2nd. World War, the loan that was not paid off until March 2007, some 62 years later. Most interesting the fact was and remains that one of Mr. Maurice Kellet's affiliates (in promotion of the powers that be FOR OTHER GOALS than they assert and promote), Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins who also joined the human-rights.org Community on Line and failed to co-operate with any other, was and has been promoting KNOWN VIEWS & OPINIONS (of millions world wide) IN RESPECT OF PROMISSORY NOTES. WE refer to worthless bills of exchange - money - and the banking system USED TO DEFRAUD Mr & Mrs Average from the worth of their labours through the many devices created by the promoters of the plans of the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything, including the products of the plans and arrangements we cover and point to in the exclusive page, the page which both 'dreamers' adamantly failed to address and offer their alleged expert views on the realities covered in the page, readers can link to from here.  

Victims, visitors, readers and researchers should make time to read the above email exchanges and thereafter contact Mr Kellett and ask of him to respond appropriately to: - (1) "What brought about the NEW TONGUE (*F6) in his approach to Mr Yiannides and the changes in his attitude towards Mr Andrew Yiannides and his work? (2) Can he deny the fact that he and another were aiming (like Mr Norman Scarth later) to abduct and use, for their own dishonest ends, the product of the very work, which postings in newsgroups, by Mr Kellett established? (3) "Why did he and others join the Community on Line after accessing, reading and endorsing, the declared aims for the abusers of public office, as covered in the page, linked to from here, IF he and the others were NOT PREPARED TO ADHERE TO THEIR ALLEGED COMMITMENT to challenge and expose, IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, abusers of judicial chair occupation?

   1.   Readers and researchers should acquaint themselves with the Steve Biko scenario; what happened while he was in custody in South Africa under the Apartheid regime of white racists.... the very dangerous elements were / are used by the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything, the alleged Architect of the Universe..... their creation allegedly proclaiming them to be superior to all others and the chosen ones of and by their own creation. [*Link from here to a letter when hints about a scenario were put on record. The scenario was created in order to apprehend and charge the victim of an assault; birthmarks on the cheek of the assailant were relied upon and the used person (assailant) subsequently was not prepared to be interviewed by the police who were called in to investigate false records which the police created after the victim of all declined the offer to be represented by a duty solicitor and that scenario creators produced another crime in order to justify calls (by the police) at the residence, the matrimonial home from which they had planned to have the assaulted 'son of some man' evicted, thereby leaving the fort unprotected, the research work and material attached to cases such as "The Breeding Grounds - case", 'The Jewel In The Crown - case", etc.]
   2.   The alleged Christian, obviously never heard of : "Do not do unto others what you do not want of them to do unto you". Conversely : "Do for / to others what you wish of them to do to / for you", the basic tenet of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It was obvious from the onset that as a regular Roman Catholic church attendee, the craft-y one set about using (in collaboration with others) the facilities he was initiated in by Mr Saheed Hussein. As a convert to the criminal and evil ways of the abductors and rapists of justice, his main objectives were to abuse the time and generosity of others; to insult and offend the intelligence, of the person he targeted and to ignore the person's grasp of the type of criminal activities ongoing in and through the courts; such was his main pre-occupation and the telephone exchanges with another fraudster (which he recorded for posterity) exposed him and provided much more than he bargained for.
[*Link from here to the transcript]. That the person, whom he targeted on instructions from other fraudsters (who were and are engaging in similar manner and activities) was very familiar with the ways of the criminals abusing the court facilities meant nothing to such a person. The targeted, did settle an appeal for the fraudster to lodge at court but the alleged victim did not proceed with the appeal for reasons that become clear to anyone who bothers to look into the activities the fraudster engaged in with others, at the time [*Link from here to the explicit reasons WHY the need to appeal IF the fraudster was to be seen to be challenging that abuse of the courts facilities]. The appeal was an absolute essential avenue the moment the claims against the solicitors and a barrister were struck out in the usual manner. The targeted, on the other hand NEVER pointed out to the fraudster the most obvious of the fraudulent activities that attached to and arose out of the theatrical scripts & scenarios in that fraudster's 'divorce proceedings scenarios'. The information withheld (from a recognised fraudster) SHOULD BE TAKEN ON BOARD by all genuine victims, readers and researchers [*Link from here to the element not referred or pointed to Johan Michael Richard Foenander who was recognised as an arrogant fraudster before he was observed (as he exposed himself) to have been rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lou Foley, Norman Scarth and many other fraudsters club recruits, in the background]. Every one of the identified and exposed fraudsters in the meantime were / are promoting all manner of unsubstantiated opinions and views about the secretive brotherhood of Free Masons. Some were pointed to recorded realities and to the fact that the Free M Masons were / are followers of the teachings attributed to the alleged creator of all and everything, AS SOLD TO THE NAIVE  & GULLIBLE by the fraudsters who created the alleged creator in order to subjugate the sons of men to 'the flat world advocates' who were holding to ransom the sons of men for well over a millennium and a half. The imposed states, on mankind, via many a fraudulent activity and treacherous behaviour such as the 'sold to the devil (greed for silver and power over others) fraud of an alleged huMAN, and an alleged 'practising Christian, at that. [*Link from here to activities, crimes against humanity -selected groups- by the Power mongers of the Roman Catholic church].
   3.   Without referring to, or the consent of the creator of the Community on Line, craft-y Maurice Kellett set about posting in his local UK newsgroups his and another's ideas about the Community on Line. At the same time both were failing to adhere to the clearly stated AIMS of genuine victim-challengers who joined the Community. Neither was informed that the activities of MK, in his local, North of England, newsgroups, had been noted and recorded by Mr Yiannides. MK's relentless postings in the newsgroups and the material he was publishing in the pages he created in a personal web-site disclosed a psychosis and fixation with the Free Masons and the powers that be. Other alleged experts on the powers that be, also engaged in blaming the Free Masons for the abused court facilities yet not one ever adduced any evidence in support of their opinions. Others, including Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins who joined the Community similarly engaged in blaming the Free Masons but he was using material and legal arguments that were well presented. However, he too, simply set about blaming the Free Masons instead of concentrating on the only issue of relevance to all who fell/fall victims to and of the practices within the confines of the courts and the false instruments created care of theatrical productions and lousy performances by participating presenters (actors) and the directors of such shows issuing false instruments lacking accountability in contempt of the provisions under the Theft Acts. Collectively the activities of alleged experts on the issue of the abused powers that be (the facilities of the courts) amounted to 'subliminal indoctrination tactics', by persons who simply could not care less about any other. All the while each and every one assumed the role of the one and only who had the answer to the problems and all just raving on and on about the powers that be, as used by the Free Masons, instead of named individuals. MK and P T-J had been informed of the work and book by two Freemasons which they were encouraged to buy and read. Both were offered at the time, IF they wished to deal with the issues they were complaining of and about, (after reading the book) to consider co-operating in the area of the abused court facilities and what lay behind it all. Both were informed by Mr Yiannides that he had been researching the very area for decades and that he had in fact been looking into 'the use of the courts facilities' for the imposition of the state pointed to in the Founder's conclusion in the HomePage at the human-rights.demon.co.uk as of inception and creation of the pages.
   4.   Here comes the usual SUBLIMINAL INDOCTRINATION PLUG. All intended for the 'serfs' who are subjected to such bombardments by the sold to the system of operations Fraudsters Club Recruits. We refer to persons whose ONLY INTEREST & ACTIVITIES ARE INTENDED TO INSTIL in the serfs / victims they target THEIR INFINITE WISDOM, while conveniently failing to CONSIDER THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO SOCIETY AT LARGE, provided under the very Article
[*Link from here to the Article] such charlatans and fraudsters claim and promote their views on their rights.... their rights..... the rights of the citizens AND ALL THEM IGNORING all the while Mr Andrew Yiannides' RIGHTS TO DEMAND OF THEM to account for their convenient defaults and failures to CONFIRM IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN THEIR PARTS in such foul promotions while IGNORING THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO INFORM THE TAXPAYER as to why they fell in love with the facilities in place (as arranged and organised by alleged Servants of the Public) for the RAMPANT CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS (THROUGH THE COURTS) ON THE TAXPAYERS & THE CORRUPTION OF THE LIKES OF DREAMERS & FRAUDSTERS, such as the stooges WE NAME & EXPOSE >>>> WITH SUPPORTING EVIDENCE & LEGAL ARGUMENTS, (resting on the facts stated and the law applicable) IN OUR PAGES.
   5.   [*Link from here to the page where we publish an extract from the work of the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything, the great Architect. *Link also from here to a FAX that Andrew Yiannides had to transmit to the editor of the 'London Evening Standard' & GRASP the realities the editor was pointed to, in respect of the alleged creator of all and everything, the very same Architect the Freemasons have close affinity to. *Link also from here to an extract from the most misrepresented creation by persons who set out to subjugate the sons of men, on planet earth, to enslave the targeted to their evil plans, targeted as ill educated and misinformed and conditioned morons, falling to the ploys such as the arrangements that deliver to them the consciousness of Mr. Maurice Kellett and that of his associates and affiliates who converted to lovers of the rampant fraud through abuse of the courts he knows of and about but they elected to suppress from the taxpayers. *Link also from here to a House of Lords ruling and deliberations covering the issues Mr. Maurice Kellett and his associates / affiliates were pointed to -not the precedent case as such- just the law applicable to the realities Maurice Kellett and his associates / affiliates resolved to engage in. In any case, one of Mr M Kellett's closest Freemason bashing chums was familiar with the very House of Lords case]
   6.   *Link from here to the source and the root, the reason for the creation of such scenarios and consider the simple fact that the Freemasons are persons who follow the teachings by examples stated in the very creation (the Old Testament) by the creators of it and the alleged creator of all and everything* [*Link from here to the evidence, to which Mr Kellett was pointed years ago, but, he chose to bury it in the dark cave where he congregates with his like-minded affiliates and associates]. One need only consider the simple element of * WHY OBJECT to 'the sons of men' co-operating and achieving great things? * . The sad reality was and happens to have been that Mr Kellett had been offered full co-operation to address and expose / point to the roots of the problem. He did receive a copy of the affidavit that was released in the page, linked to from here. There we cover and expose the rampant fraud on the taxpayers, through abuse of the courts facilities and THE CONSEQUENTIAL CORRUPTION OF THE CONDITIONED VICTIMS OF THE LEGAL CIRCLES, as he was, just ONE OF THE MANY WHO ARE COERCED TO ACCEPT REWARDS UNDER THE CONFIDENTIAL STIPULATION ARRANGEMENTS. Rewards to persons of Mr Kellett's mentality who adopt the New World Order Code of Ethics, which payments from Central Government the 'rewarded', consider to be 'compensation in respect of the damages imposed on them by abusers of the courts facilities', irrespective of the fact that the funds are paid out of the national budget, funds that are collected from the taxpayers through IMPOSED TAXES.  
   7.   In the 2nd page of the FAX we publish in the margin window-panel above [*linked to from here], Andrew Yiannides refers to one of the converts-to, lovers, promoters & users of the ARRANGEMENTS FOR FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, Mr. Johan Michael Richard Foenander [*Link from here to proof in the form of a letter which solicitors who had been acting for him wrote to another solicitor in order to turn down an offer from the other solicitor. They acted so BECAUSE their client, Mr J.M.R. Foenander, was to benefit from ongoing negotiations through the European Court of Human Rights, under the arrangements we have been pointing to for years. We need only add that Mr. Foenander's solicitors, years earlier, had been involved in Institutionally Organised Housing Benefit Scams and FRAUD on private landlords as covered in explicit affidavits* we publish in our pages, *linked to from here]. Mr. J.M.R. Foenander was sent along by the manager of the LIPS crowd/mob, Mr Peter Hayward AFTER he had agreed to the REWARD ('settlement under the table arrangements') ON OFFER TO PERSONS WHO AGREE TO KEEP IT ALL IN THE FAMILY CLOSET. Intriguing was the fact that Mr. Maurice Kellett was busy promoting the convert-to, lover-of and maintenance engineer, J.M.R Foenander, the user of the facilities for more of the same REWARDS UNDER THE TABLE; the rewards to illiterates in law, to the targeted conditioned 'serfs' who 'somehow' failed and fail to recognise that by going for the rewards under the table and agreeing to keep it all in the family closet (of the family of fraudsters they join) they are to act / act in contempt of the law and long established rulings on such practices / activities. [*Link from here to a House of Lords ruling and part of the deliberations of their Lordships on such matters, dating back to 1939-1940]. 
   8.   Reference in the subject line to 'Check Before Promoting', relates to maligned rubbish which *twin-tongues Maurice Kellett* has been pumping away for years. Even though he was and is pointed to SOLID MATERIAL -which no one can erase from history and sound sources- the waffling dreamer fails to deal with the realities he is pointed to. He simply keeps pumping away, repeating, the same maligned promotions, for years, like an old lacquer 78rpm gramophone record, as a wound up -by others- gramophone... scratch.... scratch... scratch. One only has to consider the change of tongue from the dreamer who was noted to be working with known 'sold to the system, converts', as of late 1999. All collectively engaging in the constructive frauds on the taxpayers through abuse of the courts' facilities we cover in the exclusive page, visitors / readers / victims can link to from here. The dreamer and his affiliates, associates, buried the exclusive material / page in the caves where they congregate to plan their operations, as alleged legal gurus *BUT, in reality, as maintenance engineers of the system* set up and organised by the criminals in control of a pseudo-democracy. Concerned and interested victims, readers and researchers of the system should link, from here, in the left margin frame, to the fax transmission / communication to a couple of Mr Kellet's affiliates. Mr Kellett busied himself creating a baited hook (website) for 'phishing victims of the legal circles; users of grey matter (thinkers) should contact Mr. Kellet and enquire of him: 'Why was Mr Yiannides pointing to Mr Foenander to the issue * FROM THE ONSET * ? Did not the craft-y Johan, and his partner, look up or seek help from anyone, to explain to them the meaning of the old Latin term *AB INITIO * at a time when plain English had been introduced for general use in the courts?  Why was Mr Johan Foenander seeking to point to Mr. Yiannides' nose right in front of and between his eyes? Did Mr. Yiannides need such assistance from him, or had those who sent him along, the string pullers above him (Mr. Foenander) told him that Mr Yiannides was blind, by any chance? Did he not realise that after Mr Yiannides took him along to SEE FOR HIMSELF, the Cause Book records (of which the wily one knew nothing of) that Mr Yiannides was more than adequately equipped to deal any attempts, such as the Lou / Lew(is)  Foley application FOR THE CREATION OF ADDITIONAL COSTS AWARDS to be met through the reward he was aiming for as a dumb and silent 'fraudsters club recruit..... hence his failures to expose and challenge openly the criminals he decided to work with, as another legal expert who was dangling on the strings of the guru behind / above the LIPS crowd/mob organisers, managers & controllers?
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  • All, as typical twin-tongue hypocrites carry on complaining about the media for failing to report & for suppressing the facts and the realities they allegdely reported to the hard of hearing, to the otherwise committed angels blowing their silent trumpets for decades, all ready and gearing to welcome the expansion of the New World Order.
  • Of such parts the contributions from and failings of the persons we name and expose, AS IF THEIR OWN SILENCE, THEIR FAILURES  & THEIR BLUNT OBSTRUCTIONS to the work and other actions by the creator of this website, Andrew Yiannides, treated by one and all as if non-existent with the exception when the wily Norman Scarth, set off to abuse the trust he was allowed to benefit from, while his parts and questionable activities / performance were under scrutiny, specifically after HE FAILED to publish the full transcript of the Court of Appeal hearing HE WAS ALLOWED TO RECORD* [*Link from here to the food for thought page created by Andrew Yiannides, in the first instance].
  • Not one ever bothered to address the issues we expose in the explicit page, despite the fact that we have been pointing all of our contacts, since May 1992, to it all.
  • Visitors, readers and researchers are urged / invited to access and read the letter which the Hon. Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society, Mr. Norman Scarth sent to the founder of human-rights, Mr. Andrew Yiannides, reproduced in the page .org/4deceit.htm* [*L]
  • The author's statements, such as 'what for and why seek additional assistance', thereby spelling out his parts as a lover of it all.
  • Common sense dictates, that he should have directed his request to his partners in deceptions aplenty, one & all engaging in fraudulent misrepresentations AND NOTED TO HAVE, WILFULLY, BEEN SUPPRESSING, FROM THE TAXPAYERS, THE FACTS OF LIFE RELATIVE TO THE RAMPANT ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES as the failure of all to co-operate as covered and pointed to at:- [*L]. One and all fallen to the facilities for fraud aplenty on the taxpayers and the corruption of illiterates in law, the conditioned victims of the legal circles & courts who fall to the blackmail element attached to the REWARD for keeping the realities away from the taxpayers; just like the media and the Ministers responsible for the application of long existing law to the criminal activities we cover in our pages, do.
  • All the while one and all were / are engaging in the scenarios we cover in the exclusive page, which page the author of the letter which Mr Norman Scarth sent to Andrew Yiannides, afforded us the opportunity to address the issue of the contributions of his partners and affiliates in fraud aplenty on the taxpayers; despite the reminder one and all, named in the new page simply shoved it all in the dark corners of their devoid of grey matter skulls, their perverted / corrupted mind(s)

On Sunday morning, the 19th September 2010, the Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Liberal-Democrats in the course of the BBC TV politics programme, spoke of the coalition government's commitment to address the element of waste and fraud through the public services sector. We trust and hope that the elements we expose in our pages and the parts adopted by the conditioned victims of the legal circles, the persons who engage in PROMOTING & EXPANDING THE ONGOING CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES, will be on the top of the list of government priorities.
Visitors, readers & researchers are urged to access the letters to Minister Frank Field [*L] after he had been directed by the Prime Minister to think/do the unthinkable.
Link also from here [*L] to the explicit letter to the Home Secretary in December 1998 with submissions arising out of the RAMPANT HOUSING BENEFIT FRAUD
On Tuesday 23rd November 2010, 'the Guardian' in its Comment & Debate page carried an article by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. In the evening of the same day the Deputy Prime Minister addressed a large audience at Kings place in respect of the government's changes on university students fees / loans.
Access from here the page where we reproduce an image of 'the Guardian' article & consider the simple fact that we, alone, have been asserting and proclaiming our objections to the theft of funds from the national budget leading to the ever-increasing annual deficit in the state's balance of payments.

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